Insider Secrets to Selecting the Best Areas for Investing in Apartments

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•    How to identify and invest in “emerging markets” – the most reliable and predictable method for making a fortune in real estate. 

•    The 2 most critical factors to consider when deciding where to invest.

•    Understanding the Property Cycle – your ticket to creating great wealth in real estate!

•    Free data sites you can easily utilize to x-ray any potential market – better than 99% of the commercial brokers working in that market. 

•    The ONE number that signals you should probably stay away from this market – at all costs!

•    The HOLY GRAIL of all yardsticks… and why this one factor is the most important one to consider.

•    So you’ve found a good market to invest in… here’s how to drill down into finding the right neighborhood within that market. 

•    Access these 3 free reports right on the web… and start identifying and analyzing potential goldmine markets – just like a pro. 

•    Is there such a thing as a recession-resistant investment?

If bought right, this class of property, in this type of neighborhood, where rents fall between this specific range… is the closest thing to a recession-proof investment that we know of!

•    How to invest in multi-million dollar apartment buildings – with as little as a $25k - $50k investment.

DATE: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

TIME:  7pm – 9pm 



COST: Free



Bill Guting

Kimberly Nguyen